In my life, I love them more

I love The Beatles, they are my life basically. I adore rock 'n' roll and alternative and indie. I love Led Zeppelin, Queen, the Who, the Doors, Arctic monkeys, the Beach boys, the Monkees, Green day, Pink Floyd, the Byrds, the Strokes, Nirvana, Jake Bugg, the Smiths. Did i mention that i love The Beatles to death? And this blog is 90% about the Beatles.

Anonymous I'm not the biggest fan of John.I don't know why but I just don't like him. I want to-so can you give genuine reasons why I should?


aw bb he is beaut okay here’s some stuff he actually did

  • one time there was a cray hippie sitting out on his lawn bc he thought john was the next jesus or somethin and then john was like “u gotta live ur own life bud” then asked if he was hungry and brought him in and gave him like a whole feast like whoa
  • one time someone wrote to him and called yoko ugly and he wrote back something like “she is beautiful right down to her little divine feet”
  • in 1965 john wrote a letter to cyn telling her how much he loved julian and how he was so overwhelmed with love he started crying and had to stop writing
  • in 1961 paul and his girlfriend at the time, dot, got engaged and john was like heY cyn wanna get engaged too but she was like nah lol at anyone who thinks he only married her bc she was totes preggers
  • although he didn’t arrive until 3 days after julian was born because he couldn’t leave the tour he came in and had tears in his eyes when he held julian and said “who’s gonna be a famous little rocker like your dad” and said things like “he’s wonderful” and “he’s bloody marvelous” 
  • p much every letter he wrote to cynthia when they were dating was full of love he said “i love you” at least 19486296295 in every letter
  • this christmas card thingy he wrote to cynimage
  • he read a feminist book and cried after reading it because of how badly men treated women
  • he cried after the “we’re bigger than jesus” thing got blown out of proportion because he was worried he ruined the tour and hurt the band’s image and all that jazz

these are only a few things, there’s plenty more he’s done that are sweet and cute 





Enjoy John Lennon’s angelic voice!


This really shows how good John’s voice is because in his ‘solo’ part in the middle, he’s had to double track it because they didn’t have ADT then and both parts are almost identical and that’s really hard on John’s parts because he slides around notes so much. Plus, no autotune. Raw talent. 

Indeed. Back when music was still music.

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